Do you want to photograph your clients on our farm?

Tree Lane Farms serves as the perfect backdrop for photos! Our farm boasts 110 acres of picturesque scenery and we are thrilled to serve as a beautiful location for photographers and their clients.

Photographers must submit a request form to take photos on the farm and are responsible for booking their own clients.

Photographers can choose from one of the following two options. 

FULL DAY: $225 + HST (Full day of shooting from 9am-5pm)

HALF DAY: $150 + HST (Morning session from 9am-1pm or afternoon session from 1pm-5pm)

*Please note: Due to the high volume of photographers that request to shoot on the farm, we do not offer a single session option for photographers. If you wish to book/shoot an individual session you must pay the half day rate.* 

Interested in shooting on our farm?

Submit a simple online form to request a date and time for your photography sessions! We will respond to your request as soon as possible!

Click HERE to access the form and request dates for FALL 2019!